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Heidi:  This is the way you do it!
Well, now, I'm gonna teach you, here and now, how to upload files to the XOOM site from Netscape's Composer (Html editor).

Don't get crazy!

Picture by Gitta!

Bring up the Html file you want to upload, in your Netscape browser.  Then click File/Edit page!

  Then click: File/Edit page!

When it is all up and accessed in the Netscape Composer (html editor), [all graphics, if there on page], then you click on Publish:

On the first line be VERY CAREFUL to literally copy the whole line

You need all of that information in that slot.  And if you don't  have the  / after the "com/heidi/" it won't work.  Go back and add it.

If you wanted to upload to just the you would type in:

HTTP or  FTP Location to publish to:
User ID           heidi222
Password:          ftmyer
[or whatever the password is]

Just uploaded the page to the normal folder, and now will do it to the heidi subdirectory. But this time with a graphic!
[note the added "heidi/"

HTTP or  FTP Location to publish to:

The host Address:
User ID     heidi222
Password:  type here your password